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Elitist Meter - The Premier Tera Dps Meter

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  Attractive interface.
  Self updating.
  Real-time results.
  Accurate to 1/100th of a second.
  Opacity Slider.
  Topmost window toggle.
  Partial overlay and full overlay modes. (w/Hotkey)
  Chat paste DPS (Ctrl+V)
  Window snapshot (For forums, etc)
  Pause/Continue at anytime.
  Reset data anytime (w/Hotkey)
  Less than 1% CPU usage
  Aiming to be fully modular with very extensive settings,
  for everyone to customize to their wish.
Coming soon: Skills window, with player skill-rotation mode and fight overview mode.
    Encounters filter, see data of previous fights and current fights, no need to reset.
...and more, please suggest more feature's you'd like to see.
  1. Start EM before the game, EM reads and interprets server packets to display information.
  2. Hit the settings gear at the top, choose your Adapter, Server, and anything else you'd like to change.
  3. Close settings. (They auto save)
  4. Start the game. As long as the green arrows at the top are spinning, EM is waiting for the game to start.
  5. When the green arrows turn into the red Pause button, you are ready to go, nothing else is required.
  6. After initial run, always start EM before game, that simple.
*Requires winpcap located @ http://www.winpcap.o...all/default.htm
Known Issues:
  1. I can vouch for EM working on any 64bit windows PC connected to Ethernet. (That is my machine, and my testers machines)
  2. I'm not sure how it fairs on 32 bit systems. (Even through my attempts at making it as portable as possible)
  3. PPPOE and any other types of connections are not guaranteed to work. (I'm working on it though)
  4. Not going to work on KR and not sure it works 100% on EU. (I only have NA Accounts)
  5. If EU is not working i will try to do something about it, but KR is not in my mind at the moment, 
  as that would require KR account and a rework of many systems.
  6. DoT/HoT Ticks aren't recorded. (Server never sends the numbers to client) I'm making a workaround for this.
  1. It's an Alpha version, there's going to be bugs. 
  2. I'm actively working on EM and i have a few dedicated testers,

Разработчик: http://forum.teratoday.com/topic/611-elitist-meter-the-premier-tera-dps-meter/

Что нового в версии


  • v1.0.3.52
  • 1. Fix for a few packet crashes.
  • 2. Increased redraw loop time to increase performance on lower end systems.

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